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The purpose of our initial consultation form is to allow us to schedule an appointment and better use your valuable time. This form is also necessary so that we can run a "potential conflict check," which “potential conflict check” The Florida Bar requires that lawyers do, to see if we can represent you in your potential matter. This form also helps to advise you on what the minimum fee will be to counsel and represent you.This form's purpose is not, in other words, to ask embarrassing questions or render a definitive legal opinion. It is only a preliminary form to better use your time.To Schedule an Appoint, Please Complete the Initial Client Consultation Information Form for Easley Appellate Practice, PLLC  

Following the completion of this form and our scheduling your initial consultation, one of three outcomes is possible:
1. You may decline to use my firm’s appellate services;
2. My firm may decline to represent you; or
3. You and this law firm may mutually agree to the terms of representation.

The questions in this form will help us to understand your primary issues and your goals. Your responses are protected by attorney/client privilege and will be held in strict confidence.

NoteBecause extensive time is expended to prepare for a consultation, well before the call, a consultation payment of $850.00 by credit card is required at least three business days before the Conference Call, which will be via Telephone or via Zoom, and is nonrefundable. If you agree to hire this firm and this firm agrees to represent you, then we will both sign an Appellate Agreement for Representation following your initial consultation. The Appellate Agreement for Representation will set forth the terms and conditions of representation. 

Professional Disclaimer: This office does not represent you with regard to the matter set forth by you herein in this information sheet or discussed during your consultation, unless and until, we both execute a written Appellate Agreement for Representation. If this firm does not agree to represent you, this includes not representing you with regard to the matter set forth by you on this information sheet, nor any other matters you may discuss with me during your consultation. If your legal problem(s) involve a potential appeal, it is important that you realize that an appeal must be filed within a certain period of time, normally 30 days from the date of the final order or final judgment that you wish to appeal.. Therefore, we strongly urge you to immediately consult with another appellate attorney to protect your rights. This firm’s decision not to represent you should not be taken by you as an expression regarding the merits of your case. By filling out this form, you are only providing information to me as a potential client. This does not mean that you have hired this law firm as your appellate attorney or hired this firm in any legal capacity.

Privileged and Confidential

Your name:

First:                                                                                               Last:

Your email address (required so that we can receive and send any documents to you):

The name of your company (if you are contacting us as officer of your company, please identify your officer position):

Your daytime phone:                                                                     Your nighttime phone:

Your mobile phone:                                                      

Best telephone number and best times to reach you:                 

Your mailing address:

How did you hear about us/did you use a search service (Google? Avvo? Florida Super Lawyers?)/did an attorney recommend us: Who should we thank [e.g. Attorney Referral, Best Lawyers, Avvo, Florida Superlawyers, Google etc.]?

Conflict Check: names of all PARTIES and ATTORNEYS, and JUDGES in your case (to evaluate potential conflict): 

Briefly describe what you need appeal assistance with (appeal?, settlement on appeal?) and what is your ideal outcome?

What outcome can you accept?

What is your urgency in concluding this matter? Please choose one of the following options: 

Please choose 

  Option #1: Critical! Personal safety or continuation of your business depends on it, or your time to appeal is about to expire, or you must file an appellate brief within two weeks!

  Option #2: Very important. Severe hardship, personal or financial inconvenience if matter is not resolved quickly, or your time to appeal will expire in two weeks or you must file an appellate brief within 30 days.

You should know that appeals are a substantial time commitment, normally 65 (for a simple appeal)-250 hours (for a complex appeal), or more hours in even more complex appeals, with 100 hours on average to fully advance a strong appeal. That translates into estimated fees expenses that run from $35,000.00 for a simple appeal as an Appellee to $175,000.00 for a complex appeal as an Appellant.  So that we may best serve you, should you and this law firm enter into a retainer agreement, what will be your preferred method(s) of payment to finance your appeal:

If you selected “Other”, please briefly explain:

What is the name and telephone number of your trial attorney representing you, and do you authorize us to speak with your current counsel about your case [highly recommended to facilitate review of technical aspects of the potential appeal]? 

Are we the first law firm/attorney that you have consulted regarding this appeal matter?    

​We thank you for contacting Easley Appellate Practice, PLLC. Once we have reviewed your initial consultation intake form, we will call and email you within 24 hours [longer if weekends of holidays] to schedule an appointment. We may also contact you by email to request documents, such as final judgments.

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